Definition of deafness

Common misspellings:
  • defness (0.0%)
  • defnec (0.0%)
  • defnes (0.0%)
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Examples of usage:
  1. We cannot say that he might not have been a marrying man if disease and deafness had not harrowed his volcanic soul and made his life so largely one of tempestuous tragedy in which he wandered through the world and found it as homeless and as bleak as did the Wandering Jew whose quarrels with Fate were no more fierce more majestic nor more vain than Beethoven's - The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 by Rupert Hughes

  2. It came into my head to counterfeit deafness this would excuse me from taking a part in the conversation and to make believe that I had a wound in my hand this would account for my inactivity and prevent his observing how little I knew of my pretended occupation - Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815, Vol. I by Pierre Antoine Edouard Fleury de Chaboulon